Weekly Recap January 31, 2021

A weekly recap of stuff I found interesting.

Welcome to the end of January 2021.  Yes, we've accomplished to make it thru an entire month of a new year with no unique recent manufactured crisis to face.


This past week has found most of the statist media and other pundits all in a lather about GameStop. I'm the last person to comment or offer an opinion regarding the company.  I have not knowingly set foot in any of their stores.  I do know that I've seen them in various strip malls and several larger shopping malls.  However, I’ve never had a notion or an urge to walk into one.

Many from the statist media to pundits across the country have had nothing else to talk about for the past few days.  Can you say a massive instance of ADD?

I have a couple of ongoing tech annoyances—one app related and another hardware related.  There is an app I use daily that is not the most user-friendly app for those of us who attempt to make use of it altogether.  The app is functional and useful in the industry.  They have asked for feedback, and I politely gave it. I've yet to see any changes or improvements.

Hardware issues – The iPhone SE2020 has a fingerprint setting that I presume is geared to make opening up the phone screens a bit faster.  However, it doesn't work well with the phone on a holder in the car.  The fingerprint unlock works best when you have both hands free and are holding the phone in one hand and can then fully make use of the fingerprint unlock option.  (I know, first world problems.)

5G – I've put out some questions asking for feedback on anyone in the area who is using 5G with their cell phone provider: nothing but crickets. I'm wondering if anyone here in the area is aware of 5G or knows how it can and might benefit them and the surrounding county.


The White House has issued 39 Executive orders since the Biden/Harris inauguration on January 20, 2021. That's an average of nearly four Executive orders per day.  Currently, Biden holds the record for the issuance of Executive Orders from the White House during his first ten days.  Only FDR issued more Executive orders overall.

I did a video regarding the Executive orders.  It goes over briefly how the Chinese Government has access to the electric grid here in the U.S.  I welcome your liking and sharing of the video if you see fit.  You are also welcome to subscribe and contribute so we can continue to make more of the videos.  (Cameras, lighting, and research all cost money.)

Here in Wisconsin - One step closer to ending Evers' power grab

Wisconsin residents have had nearly a year of mask mandates with little if any scientific reasoning behind the Governors' continued insistence that we all wear them.  Another time we can put forth the reasons for not wearing masks and how current, real-world evidence has shown how the face diapers and lockdowns are detrimental to the overall situation.

So again, thanks for your time and attention.  Please like and share this message with your like-minded friends, relatives, and fellow patriots.  There are links and contact info listed below.

I become irritated at the attempt to govern mankind by force and fraud, as if they were all knaves and fools."

-Thomas Paine


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